Choices Stories You Play Hack Unlimited Keys & Diamonds

Choices Stories You Play Hack Unlimited Keys & Diamonds

Different gamers prefer different games but a majority would always love to play game with a lot of storyline. While most games do have a storyline, more often than not, the characters make choices we ourselves would not do and sometimes get frustrated because of it. Thankfully, there are games that actually allow you to choose what happens next by deciding on choices the main character has. One such game that has many players hooked is a mobile game that is aptly named “Choices: Stories You Play”

Choices: Stories You Play
The title of the game is pretty straightforward: you play and create your own story based on the choices you make. There is a common misconception that the game is mostly made for women due to its popular romance theme. However, the game features 3 story modes. Aside from romance, players can even go through fantasy and crime. Trying out the game will make you want to continue on with the story. Saving and navigating back to your load file is easy to do as well since the game’s interface is quite convenient. Of course, when playing the game, expect plot twists to happen at the most unexpected scenarios.

Opening the game for the first time, you are faced with 4 storylines you may want to follow. For romance, you can choose either “The Freshman” where you try make your way around your new university or “The Rules of Management” where you are left with a huge fortune but in order to get it, you must get married first. While the romance category has two stories, fantasy and crime only has one so far: “The Crown and the Flame” and “Most Wanted” respectively. Keep checking for updates as they will always come with new chapters or books to each storyline.

The only major downside to this is that, although you have choices, you are still quite limited as some choices require diamonds. If you don’t like the outcome of your choices you can always redo the chapter but that would also cost keys. Thankfully enough, fellow players made a..

Choices Stories You Play Hack Tool

Many websites promise to give unlimited keys and diamonds through hacks either via their website or a program you need to download. Some may work while others are just scams and a waste of time. Luckily, you can go ahead and visit here to actually get those keys and diamonds so you can choose all those premium choices and redo and start chapters as much as you want to.

How Does It Work

If you have seen the website, you would realize that the Choices Stories You Play hack tool does not take much for the site to provide you the keys and diamonds. All you have to do is enter your username which you will get once you play the game. Next, just simply click the device you are using whether an Android or an iPhone and click continue. You may then enter the number of keys and diamonds you want and click on generate when done. It will start loading your keys and diamonds to your account but before it gets uploaded to the device, all you need to do is to simply do a simple task to verify that you are actually a human. Although at this point it may seem like a scam, however, there are always tasks provided for everyone and the tasks are usually simple games you need to play. When done, go back to the website and your goods will be delivered finally.


If by now you still have not checked the website,now is a good time to do so. The Choices Stories You Play hack tool website does not look any sketchy as it is properly designed and really looks legitimate. There is a “contact us” page below if you need more proof or maybe just help on using the hack tool. On the left side, you can navigate to the comments and feedback people have when using the tool and even a live chat to boot.


Choices Stories You Play is a definitely must play game especially for gamers who are into the storylines and plots. There are so many interesting choices you can make but often is the case when these choices cost diamonds. Keys are also needed to unlock new chapters or redo previous chapters to make different choices. But with this amazing hack tool, you don’t need to worry about all those. Now, you have complete control of the choices and the stories you play. You get to choose all the premium choices in game and you can even redo and start on new chapters without worrying about lacking keys. This hack tool wants you to have fun so go ahead and try it out!

Choices Stories You Play Hack Unlimited Keys & Diamonds
Choices Stories You Play Hack Unlimited Keys & Diamonds